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Jasmine App for iPhone

Posted on 01.10.2012

updated: 15.09.2011

Best Free Applications for iPad: July List. Part 2

Posted on 07.08.2012

updated: 15.09.2011

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TOP 3 Puzzle Games for iPad and iPhone

Posted on 17.08.2012

updated: 15.09.2011

iTranslate Voice HD [Productivity App for iPad]

Posted on 31.07.2012

updated: 15.09.2011

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Fun iPad Games on Sale for Free

Posted on 12.08.2012

updated: 15.09.2011

Lost Souls: Enchanted Paintings HD [Puzzle for iPad]

Posted on 29.07.2012

updated: 15.09.2011

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The 10 Top iPad Games and Apps of July. Part 2

Posted on 06.08.2012

updated: 15.09.2011

The 10 Top iPad Games and Apps of July

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updated: 15.09.2011

TOP 3 Puzzle Games for iPad and iPhone

Posted on August 17, 2012

Like puzzles? Let me introduce you top 3 puzzle games for iPad! If you like logic games and have iPad or iPhone you have to check out post below! TicToe Fury TicToe Fury is fisrt in our top 3. Designed by wOzy is an amped up edition of the traditional game with “Xs” and “Os”

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Google Drive [Productivity App for iPad]

Posted on August 6, 2012

Updated in late July, Google Drive formerly known as Google Docs is available for all iPad users as a free application on iTunes. This program has some good sides and a lot of negative sides which make users go crazy and refuse to download it. Let’s see why you might not like to use Google

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Pinball Fantasies HD [Arcade for iPad]

Posted on July 31, 2012

Finally Pinball Fantasies HD has made its way to iOS gadgets. This HD arcade for iPad has amazing graphics and looks cool on the big display. The game was developed by Cowboy Rodeo who first introduced Pinball Fantasies to Apple smartphone users and brought the popular arcade for iPad this summer. We are sure that

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There are a lot of situations when we need a good interpreter to help us speak a foreign language we don’t know that good. Thanks to iTranslate Voice HD app for iPad, you can now translate anything you need to 31 languages (including dialects). This new productivity app was released for tablet computers in the

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How much do you love playing puzzle games? How great are you at finding hidden objects on your iPad screen? You can test your skills in the new puzzle for iPad called Lost Souls: Enchanted Paintings HD. This title is a mix of fantasy world and puzzle. It has its unique story that introduces you

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Finally iPad and iPhone users can enjoy Walking Dead: The Game on their gadgets. Based on The Walking Dead, this title has become popular on Xbox, personal computers and Mac with the number of copies sold reaching over 1 million. The genre of this game – adventure for iPad – also combines stealth and combat

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iPad and iPhone users can now enjoy 3D images by Google Earth on their gadgets. Well, at least some of the detailed landscapes are available on iOS devices nowadays. And if you are a lucky owner of iPhone 4S or at least iPad 2, you can fly virtually through amazing 3D imagery of well-known places

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Jump Out! HD [Puzzle for iPad]

Posted on July 25, 2012

The recently released Jump Out! HD puzzle game for iPad is offered for free today. So hurry up, if you wish to test this new puzzle and perform some acrobatics on your tablet computer screen just now. You have 6 legs, and you need to help other critters get free and successfully finish the course.

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Daily Income, created by Indigo Beta, is a great finance app for iPad suitable for those people who want to keep track of just how much money they have coming in every day. So, if you really want to know your profit every day, this amazing app will definitely help you. All you have to

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Created by Armor Games Inc, Follow The Rabbit puzzle iPad game looks really amazing when you’re running after it through the woods, but when you go through that looking glass, it’s hard to say what kind of adventure is waiting for you. Follow The Rabbit puzzle iPad game is full of difficult puzzles, bad guys

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