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Jasmine App for iPhone

Posted on 01.10.2012

updated: 15.09.2011

Best Free Applications for iPad: July List. Part 2

Posted on 07.08.2012

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TOP 3 Puzzle Games for iPad and iPhone

Posted on 17.08.2012

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iTranslate Voice HD [Productivity App for iPad]

Posted on 31.07.2012

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Fun iPad Games on Sale for Free

Posted on 12.08.2012

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Lost Souls: Enchanted Paintings HD [Puzzle for iPad]

Posted on 29.07.2012

updated: 15.09.2011

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The 10 Top iPad Games and Apps of July. Part 2

Posted on 06.08.2012

updated: 15.09.2011

The 10 Top iPad Games and Apps of July

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updated: 15.09.2011

Kubikoo Puzzle iPad Game

Posted on May 17, 2012

Remember that interesting and quite challenging Rubik’s Cube? If you were a fan of that toy, you will certainly want to try this new game called Kubikoo. Kubikoo, developed by Brother System, is a great iPad game takes the classic Rubik’s Cube game to a totally new level. Probably all children from the 80′s can

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Art devotees will be happy to download artCircles app for iPad designed for real fans of classic and current works of art. Besides, real aficionado will be glad to hear that artCircles has become the iPad App of the Week on the App store, and this award proves its extremely importance. It doesn’t mean that

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Wow, I am amazed by this new game, the follow-up to the last year’s LostWinds iOS enjoyment. Winter of the Melodias has a beautiful design; features fun gameplay and touch screen controls that sometimes are unstable but will surely be fixed in the first update. The fans of the original 2011 game might miss it

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StillShot, created by Macadamia Apps that has also developed GroupShot, is a new amazing iPad photo app having one specific function: it captures just one frame from a video. There are always such situations when you don’t know whether you want to shoot a video or just to take a picture. Or you wanted to

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Bongiovi DPS is an alternative iPad application for those users who don’t enjoy using the iOS Music app that has tiny buttons and controls to tap on. To tell you the truth, Apple didn’t do its best when creating this program so now a lot of people are in search for better alternatives. The music

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iPad and iPhone users can now get a new game on their iOS device. It is titled iSiege: Nuclear Option. This strategy is not actually a bold strategy. It has action and artillery, and the most important idea about this iPad game is its cute graphics and fun style. The animation is pretty cool. I

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Furacity arcade iPad game that was created by Maugdog Incorporated, is so amazing that everyone will definitely want to try it. You will find yourself in the world of laboratory rats and you will also deal with different possible situations that the rats may have. It doesn’t matter whether you are big or small, as

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A huge variety of top iPad games can confuse most of us. Millions of tablet users from all around the world keep searching for the best games and apps to explore, but each time you open iTunes and glance at the list of programs available for free, on sale and at a full price you

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This Could Hurt, developed by Chillingo Ltd, is a simple and interesting adventure iPad game that comes with multi-level platforms and turning pathways. The game features action-oriented gameplay, fantastic design and challenging levels. In this amazing platform iPad game you will play as an Oakguard beginner, making everything possible to become a fully fledged Oakguard,

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ChickenBreak Fun Adventure iPad Game

Posted on May 11, 2012

ChickenBreak, created by CGMatic Co., Ltd., is a fun adventure iPad game where you have to help a frantic chicken get away from jail. You will need to use your karate kick missiles, jump over shark traps and slide under pendulums. When you first start this fun iPad game and see a gate closing when

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