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Dino Rush: iPad Game That Attracted Millions of iOS Users

Fans of arcade games should learn about Dino Rush. This iPad game has been popular among millions of users who enjoy such horizontal runner style apps. Created by Nemoid Studio, the arcade adventures take you back millions of years. You get to meet a hungry dinosaur. Call him Dundy. You are responsible for his life

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Chop Chop Caveman iPad Appetizer for Hungry Gamers

How much are you obsessed with food? Can you imagine yourself waking up with a dream about a slab of bacon? If yes, take a look at Chop Chop Caveman iPad game which is a cool appetizer for hungry players. The game combines beautiful graphics with classic gameplay. That’s a great combination to please any

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Carnivores: Dinosaur Hunter Game for iPad

Hunting cannot be as much fun without the popular PC game Carnivores: Dinosaur Hunter which is also available for iOS devices and enjoyed by millions of gamers from around the world. You do not think they all are wrong, do you? Neither do I. Released back in 1998, this awesome hunting game looks amazing. It

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Mirror’s Edge iPad Game Review

The fabulous iPad game app, Mirror’s Edge is irresistibly attractive and wonderful pastime for people to indulge their whole day in playing very much interesting games during their holidays. Mirror’s Edge got a tremendous applaud from critics all over the world for its extraordinary features including crystal clear visuals. The attractive game play and wonderful graphical

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Osmos iPad Game Review

Osmos iPad Game is the game application of the year that is developed for iPad. This game application won some awards rewards to its credit as impressed an infinite number of game players and critics, who keep vigil on technology. The formerly designed for personal computer game has been remodeled to best suit the iPad

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Scrabble iPad Game Review

Scrabble iPad game is exclusively created for its use on iPad only. It is a mind blogging fun and entertainment game that makes everybody fall in love with this at very first view with gorgeously looking graphics and first-rate quality of visuals. This iPad game is absolutely uncomplicated and wears implausibly extraordinary features to grab

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Infinity Blade iPad Game Review

I think that almost every serious gamer has heard of Infinity Blade, but how many gamers had an opportunity to play this iPad game and make sure how good it is? This past winter, when the Infinity Blade game was released, people talked a lot about how much this iPad game was going to change

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RISK : The Official Game iPad Game Review

Although I am strongly against wars I admit there’s certain beauty and organization in strategies and tactics and it all can be on your iPad. It keeps our minds organized to say nothing of how good it is to be able to think before you do something and predict if some event is likely or

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Ms. PAC-MAN iPad Game Review

The word PAC-MAN has been speaking for itself for many years already. The new versions of the classic game come out every now and then and I strongly recommend to check out Ms. PAC-MAN to get authentic experience and the best impressions. Ms. PAC-MAN is a worthy variant of the classic game which will let

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